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The Enzweiler Building Institute

Masonry - Discovery Instructional Class

CMR has been assisting the Enzweiler Building Institute by instructing students at the high-school level. Students assemble from six surrounding high-schools to participate in a masonry discovery class. Students are introduced to a variety of masonry related topics during the length of program.

Topics Include the following...

  • Masonry Introduction Overview

  • Unit Identification

  • Mortar Identification

  • Mortar Mixing

  • Mortar Application Techniques

  • Masonry Unit Construction Methods

  • Job-site Hazard Awareness

  • Scaffolding Construction and Dismantle

  • Installation of Masonry Accessories

  • Masonry Reinforcement Techniques

  • Project Estimating

  • How to Read Masonry Drawings

  • Controlled Demolition

  • Structural Repair

  • Tuckpointing

  • Job-site Operations

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